Ryan McConnell

Ryan McConnell was born and raised in Washington State where he currently resides with his beautiful wife and two kids. At an early age, Ryan developed a passion for individual action sports and the freedom of the outdoors through countless camping adventures with family and friends.  Ryan grew up fishing, biking, boating, wakeboarding, and riding motorcycles/atv's in the summer, and snow skiing in the winter. At the age of 13 his [now in-laws] introduced him and his family to snowmobiling in the Cascade Mountains on a Yamaha 250 Enticer. And despite being rattled on a short track sled with literally no suspension, he was instantly hooked on the mix of power and no limits freedom.  Not long after, his parents made the plunge for the whole family and jumped into the sport head first. The passion for snowmobiling quickly grew into an obsession for Ryan, and progressed through his late teens and beyond. He spent countless hours dreaming of the next ride, and modifying sleds with his Dad and brother-in-law during those years when stock sleds just didn't cut it in the backcountry.

It wasn't until 2008, while surfing YouTube, Ryan stumbled upon Chris Burandt and his revolutionary backcountry riding style.  In April 2009 Ryan and his wife Jeanie booked an adventure to ride with Chris and Sahen in CO. The experience changed the way he looked at backcountry riding forever, and Ryan was instantly addicted and committed to being a better backcountry ripper. After several trips to BBA and many discussions with Chris, Ryan put together a plan and secured a career with the BBA Team. Ryan currently manages all aspects of the business with the Burandt's, and loves sharing his passion for the sport and teaching backcountry skills to people from all over the world.
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